Bandana Wear That's Unique and Colorful– 

From a Trusted, Handcrafted Source Right Here in the USA

Below- just one of several popular styles for countless occasions- and fun!


A bandana blouse expresses care-free style.

Fortunately, maintenance is the same for all selections. Simply hang them up when coming out of the wash and let them air-dry. 

Why People Get Their Bandana On With Us

Craftsmanship - We take pride in making these personally! These are made by me- Suzanna. No outsourcing to other countries here and we still keep the prices very reasonable.

Top Grade Elastic Thread - Fits better and lasts longer.

Unique Styles and Versatility - See for yourself!

Affordable  - yet without  compromise on quality.

No Fraying -  We roll each hem so your garment wears well, looks better, and lasts longer.

Material - This is a special blend of polyester and rayon that looks and feels like cotton, but fades less and requires no ironing.

Details make the difference. To get something special that lasts, looks great and is versatile, buy smart with the seven things mentioned here in mind. 

See several kinds of bandana styles offered.


Loved by women and little ones throughout the US and beyond! 

See next page for more styles and how to order.

Little ones look great in these bright, cheerful garments.

Click either pic on left for more bandana options to choose from. 

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