Neckerchiefs and scarves are fine, but why not take it to a whole new level?

Welcome to bandana-style, fun casual wear for real people!

Styles, Colors and Prices are All Found on This Page, So Scroll Down and Have Fun Choosing!




           Above- Long-sleeved Baby Doll

Bandana blouses are great for adding an element of fun for everyday wear.

bandana colors

Once you've placed your order, choose which color(s) you want us to make YOUR item with, by identifying color by it's number or name. Then, send that info to us with the contact form

1)  Forest Green
2)  Lime Green
3)  Dark Grey
4)  Lilac
5)  Sky Blue
6)  Royal Blue
7)  Navy
8)  Deep Purple
9)  Pink 
10)  Fuchsia
11)  Maroon
12)  Red
13  Bright Orange
14)  Golden Yellow
15)  Lemon Yellow
16)  White
17)  Beige
18)  Black
19)  Dark Brown
20)  Chestnut Brown
21)  Burnt Orange
22) Patriotic
   Above-    The Baby Doll Style

Sizes are small, medium, and large.

Choose sizes based on what you would select for a shirt or undergarment.

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 On Left- A sampling of the colors you can choose from for any garment we make for you. 

sleeveless ruffled dress

Above-   Handkerchief sectional with halter strap.


ruffled bandana dress

Multi-colored ruffled bandana dress.

This style comes in ...

1) sleeveless (as shown) 

2) Shoestring style shoulder tie (as shown on blue/red Baby doll style image above)

3) Haltered (as shown on model at top right)

4) Solid or two-toned as shown by Suzanna on left.

Above- Suzanna is sporting this ruffled dress using colors from a sports team she likes.

You get to customize your bandana look, so choose the tones that suit you best!

Directions for ordering- We want you to be able to customize your order. To do that, follow these simple 2-step directions . . .

1) Get what you want below.  2) Immediately after you've ordered, use the simple contact us form to tell us what colors you've chosen and mention the name of the garment(s) you ordered, adding comments if necessary. That's it!

The color wheel is located higher up on the left of this page. Your garment will generally arrive within three weeks or as soon as one week depending on our work load at the time.  Enjoy your customized bandana wear! 


(You do not need a Paypal account to use them. Simply select a credit card of your choice.)

BabyDoll         $25 

BabyDoll w/long sleeves  $33

Sectional Handkerchief       $25 

Sectional Handkerchief w/long sleeves  $33


Important Reminder- Make sure you use the simple contact us form after you order, and tell us the selection name and what colors you want it made with. Thanks!

Ruffled Dress in 2 colors or solid- $55 

Long- Sleeved Ruffled Dress in 2 colors or solid-  $63  

Ruffled Dress multi-colored- $65 

Long Sleeved Ruffled Dress multi-colored- $73 

Child size top (little ones) - $10 - (shown in Fuchsia Pink at right bottom on home page)


Little girl dress - $20 (shown in red/white & blue on home page)  

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